Tuesday, August 25, 2015

National Capital Region parties in the park

Students, faculty, and staff from the National Capital Region gathered recently for an end-of-term picnic at Nottoway Park in Vienna. See photos and student essays about the celebration.

'People from Around the World All Gathered in One Place'
By Alanhoof Alotaibi

Thursday has arrived and the day we get to have a picnic with everyone from VTLCI begins. Thanks to Professor Bobal’s video, no one got lost and managed to find the park. 

The weather at first was very hot and humid, but everyone managed to fan away the discomfort. The park was filled with a chill atmosphere. It still fascinates me to see people from around the world all gathered in one place, and the fact that they get along makes it so much greater. You can hear the many different conversations, jokes, and even songs going on in the park.

One of my favorite moments was meeting Professor Sereda’s mother, who only speaks Russian; she is lovely. Not to mention the many delicious foods there were! Just remembering that feast makes me want to travel back in time to eat those yummy burgers Ashley grilled for us.

The picnic ended as soon as the rain started to pour, but it was wonderful.

Talking, Singing, and Grilling
By Sameerah Bahaiderah

The picnic on Thursday was really fun. By the time we arrived at the park, we found that a lot of professors, staff and students had already arrived. The grill was started a little while later. People were scattered everywhere; some were talking, some were singing and others grilling. It was nice meeting some of the professors’ parents and getting to know the professors outside of the classroom.

We shared stories, talked about languages and different backgrounds. and got to teach and learn some new phrases in other languages. For example, I learned how to say “nice to meet you” and “goodbye” in Russian by Professor Sereda and her mom, who was super sweet. It took me a while to be able to say it fast, but I did in the end. I also got to play with Professor’s Lee adorable little boy, who was constantly on the move.

Other highlights were the juicy and delicious watermelons and some tasty burgers, which were grilled to perfection by the prestigious and loved Ashley.

As we were finishing up our meals, thunder rumbled in the distance. So, everyone started to clean up and wrap up the picnic. A few rumbles later, rain started drizzling. I picked up my umbrella and walked back to the Metro station, when soon enough, the shower turned into a downpour. My shoes were soaked by the time I got home, but it was still a day well-spent.

Families, song, and some rain
By Wejdan Almutlaq

On August 30, my school arranged a picnic for all students. We went to Nottoway Park, next to the Vienna Metro station. It was the middle of the day, when the sun was very hot. But, fortunately, the place was surrounded by trees.

All teachers and school staff were there. Some of the teachers and staff were making our BBQ, and the others were sitting and having fun with us. Some of the students brought their families with them. Professors Sereda and Jaffie came with their mothers, too.

My brother Abdulaziz brought his guitar. Students were very excited to join him and play guitar with him. This day was also Professor Jaffie's birthday. They played a birthday song for her. She was wearing a queen's crown, and she was happy for this song.

When the meal was ready, we took our plates and sat together to eat. After that, some of the students played volleyball. Some of the surrounded the guitar player and listened to music. Until the weather became bad, all of us just ran and tried to collect our stuff and go back to home.

It was a very exciting day. And all of us had so much fun.

Paragraphs from other students

I went to the park with my school. We had a BBQ party. Also I saw some of our professor's mothers. We played some games. And the boys played the guitar. I met new friends. Finally, it was an amazing field trip.

I went to picnic yesterday. My classmates and my daughter were with me. We played volleyball in the afternoon. I drank water, it was cold. Then I ate lunch. The lunch was kinds of burger, fruit, and sweets. It was very delicious. We met the professors’ parents.

We went to the picnic with many students. And we enjoyed together. Somebody got the guitar and he played. Ashley made barbecue, and it was so delicious. The weather was so nice. I would like to try again the trip with my friend. That was wonderful. And some professors brought mothers. I think it was a good picnic.

I went to a park yesterday. We played volleyball and listened to music. I saw some mothers of my professor. We ate good food. Some students took pictures. Also I was happy because all professors and some students brought their family. Finally, I felt comfortable.

Today I will write about the picnic. We had fun with playing the guitar. We ate together. I like barbeque and love to eat it. I saw my classmates. We went from 10 to 2. I saw my teachers' mothers.

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