Tuesday, August 11, 2015

LCI says zài jiàn to Wang Tao

Associate Director Elsie Paredes (right) gives a few parting gifts to Wang Tao.
Wang Tao, a visiting scholar from the University of Science and Technology of China, wrapped up her six-month stay in the United States with a presentation Tuesday afternoon at the Language and Culture Institute. Her talk focused on the importance of "learning by doing."

A professor in the English department at USTC, she observed LCI and Chinese language classes during the spring and talked about the USTC at a meeting of the University Council on International Affairs.

During the summer, she held a seminar on Chinese culture and education and also worked as a co-investigator on research regarding the experience of Chinese students at the LCI in Blacksburg. They set up a focus group, held a group interview, and collected raw data.

Having visited a number of universities across the country, she said she appreciated the tranquility of Blacksburg -- and liked seeing so many squirrels on campus and around town.

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