Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Student PowerPoint presentations earn honors

Students in Christina Massey's grammar class created PowerPoint presentations detailing some of the things they learned last term.

The presentations were evaluated by outside judges, and the top two earned extra credit and a spot on this blog.

"I have done some innovative (at least for me) activities this semester and really enjoyed them," one of the winners, Xiaodan "Sonia" Li, said in an email. "So please do not be afraid to try something new, and you will find you enjoy them!"

The other winner, Zhongting Han, said: "I really had much fun and learned a lot, such as listening, speaking, and social skills. The life in Blacksburg is not as boring as I thought before. I know there are lots of activities you can find in VT's calendar. Some of them you may be interested in!"

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