Friday, August 11, 2017

Benefits of going outdoors with classmates and professors

An LCI student in Fairfax wrote the following essay after last week's (rainy) picnic adventure:

We are students at Virginia Tech, located in Virginia. The school administration agreed to organize a scientific and recreational trip by visiting Nottoway Park, located in Vienna. We were eager to learn about the beauty of this natural park. On the morning of Friday, July 28, we attended the park early, and each of us brought a small back bag. This bag contains some sandwiches, bottles of water and some other things that we need. This type of trip is not only for entertainment; it has many purposes, it is a very extensive activity. Such as strengthening interpersonal relationship, developing in skills, and identifying of different type of traditional foods.

Trips can assist to increase love and strengthen human relationships between students. In this context, trips may be an important way for establishing many new relationships. For example, I met my old friend who used to study with us in VT. I really missed her. And I was worried about my other friends if they can come because the weather was rainy. Moreover, I have learned many things about my friend May such as, her real name, I also realized that after three weeks of studying with her in one class she didn't know my name! That was so funny. This kind of picnic can make a significant change in student skills. For instance, increase self-confidence of the person, and develop in educational skills such as speaking and listening. For example, I think I have spoken with all students and professors without feeling of shame or worry to make some mistakes in speaking. That was a great experience.

It is always good to go out of doors. Going out of school can gain knowledge about traditional food from different countries. When the rain stopped Mr. Bratichko started preparing the lunch for us. Each of us brought something traditional. For example. I brought with me some dates, traditional sweet called camel’s eyes which has caramel inside, and Arabic coffee. And some of my friend brought drinks also the professors brought burgers and hot dogs so we could grill them. Others made sweets by themselves. This trip taught me that the traditional foods are almost the same but it has a different name. I was surprised that the camel’s eyes exists in Switzerland as Natalia side they have it in their country with the same taste and almost same shape.

A picnic is a beneficial change. It takes people away from boring days and routine, it produces effect to life. Life has not only existed for work, but it needs human balance, enjoyment. Trips can make some changes in people for example, strengthening relationships by talking with friends and know them very well, developing skills by listening carefully and catch a new vocabulary, and identify of different types of traditional foods. It is good to run away into the open air for a day when one has the time.        

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