Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Students get their day in court

A group of LCI students and faculty members from the National Capital Region took a field trip recently to the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

Click below to read what some of the students had to say about their trip.

By Rehab Al jamail
Yesterday, we went to Supreme Court. We went as a group by Metro to the Supreme Court, which was a good experience for us. It was the first time to me to go by Metro; though, I love it. Our teachers were with us all the time; therefore, it was easy to know where we should go. When we reached the Supreme Court we were surprised by how big and beautiful the building was. There were a security men everywhere, which give us that impression how it is an important building. The walls were covered by a beautiful marble which was brought from Italy and Spain. We were seated in the courtroom; in addition we were given a lecture by nice informative lady. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for us.

By Modi Alsraiheed
Our field trip to the Supreme Court was very interesting. When we went there, we learned a lot of things about this Court. There were nine Justices in the Court; however, now they are eight because one of them dead couple of weeks ago. The one who nominate the Justice to be in this position is the president, but the Senates are the one who decide whether they will accept him or not. Since The Supreme Court is dealing with a serious cases, not everyone allowed to enter the sessions, but many people still thinking that they can enter any session they want. The Supreme Court takes 150 cases per week; therefore, there are almost 8000 cases per year. When we enter the court room, there were a lot of statuses on the wall; however, each of them were represent the Justices. When the Supreme Court building built in 1935, it costed almost 10,000,000. Finally, in my opinion I think it was a great opportunity to visit this place.

By Doyoung Kim
Yesterday, I went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is in Washington D.C where it is a capital of the United States of America; therefore, I took orange line metro to go there. At first, the architecture of Supreme Court is impressive to me when I arrived there. A white marble building and guards make harmony that it makes the atmosphere of the Supreme Court great. Inside the Supreme Court, I could feel that I was in a museum; there are history of Supreme Court in detail. Furthermore, the lecturer explained the court room and how the court is processing. The next place is a movie room where a recorded video showed the nine justices talking about the storage room and how many courts happened. To be honest, I was bored when I watched the video. However, this video is also a good material thing to know the Supreme Court and real nine justices; moreover, this video give more detail about the court than the lecture. If my friends ask me which place is good for touring around Washington D.C, I recommend the Supreme Court.

By Zaki Mugais
Everywhere the justice is extremely important. On Wednesday 9/21/2016, all students have to have field trip; as a result, our school decide to go the Supreme Court. After all students came in their class, our professor attended students; therefore, attending is very important in our school. After that, we were walking to the metro, and we go to toward the Supreme Court. After we arrived, we went to the security room; therefore, all students allow them to inter the court.  We kwon about the system of court after girl who had good skills presentation gave us a lot of information about the Supreme Court. In the room of the Court, there are 8 chair for judge because one judge was die. The Supreme Court has website which allows us to get the oral argument. The Supreme Court is highest Court in US.

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  1. Students must have had a wonderful and interesting time knowing all about the working of the court and how the building appears from inside. They must have an informative trip.