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Exploring the Air and Space Museum

Students in the National Capital Region took a field trip recently to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

See more photos from their trip and read what some students wrote about their experience after the jump.

History, Culture, and More

By Jesus Macedo

Washington, DC, is a fascinating city for knowing about history, culture, biology, and other subjects. One way to do it is visiting the museums. The last week we had the opportunity of visiting the Air and Space Museum. I enjoyed looking at the several kinds of airplanes and how the men went to know other planets.

The museum has all the kind of airplanes which were built at the beginning of history when man started to fly. I enjoyed knowing the pioneers in the air. Among them were two brothers who used to sell tools for bicycles. We had a guide who explained us about it. The first airplane looks like a toy because at the beginning it was an invention. The brothers who invented the first airplane wanted to earn money. In the museum we could find a room where was the history of those brothers, models of the plane that they built and some pictures about this work. It was funny to see that when they started to create the first plane, it was only used the force of the wind or sometimes someone had to push it. Other interesting place in the museum was knowing how the men traveled to other planets too.

The government spent a lot of money for creating special programs, such as Mercury, Apollo, or Jupiter. Those programs created special aircrafts for travel out of the space. The astronauts received a special training about it. Also the guide explained there was a competition between Russia and USA because each country created new programs for the space. Neil Armstrong was the first man who arrived to the moon and Gagarin was the first man who traveled out of our planet.

The museum had different rooms where explained the several moments where the airplane were used. However, I liked to know the history of the pioneers building airplanes and it was amazing to have an opportunity for seeing strange and rare airplanes built by the man. Nowadays the Earth is a small place in comparison with other planets.

Overwhelming displays

By Rafif Arab

On September 22, 2015 we went to The National Air and Space Museum. The place was overwhelming and huge: there were enormous aircrafts and spacecraft dangling from the ceiling or placed on the exhibit’s floor. Everyone was taking pictures, and tour guides and demonstrations were going on simultaneously in different areas of the museum.

You can see the progression of technology used from Mercury and Apollo capsules all on display. Furthermore, exploring the moon missions, the moon rocket, and being able to see the astronauts’ space shuttle and their food and clothes in real life was extremely incredible.

I loved the space vehicles and aircrafts especially the space shuttles and the planets. This is by far the best Air and Space Museum I have ever seen. It is great not only for kids but also for adults as well.

Every piece has a story

By Aisha Jabari

Yesterday we went to The National Air and Space Museum. It is a huge building located in Washington D.C. Visitors come to this place from around the word. There are many airplanes and statues in this place.

Every piece of art has a story of history. For example, Amelia Earhart was, of course, a famous pilot and pioneer for women. Her time as a fashion designer, though, usually isn’t something people remember about the woman who disappeared during a 1937 flight.

We enjoyed this field trip it was amazing. I advise everyone to visit with your family or you friends.

Of planes and spacecraft

 By Haneen Alsulami

The National Air and Space Museum holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world. At the first section we saw the brothers. They were the first men who invented the aircraft. Also, there was Chicago the first aircraft to fly around the world and many other planes. We saw the plastic plane and how it was made. Also, the first American airline and how it was shaped. Lastly, was the section of the space and how astronauts spent their time in space. I really enjoyed there, and I wish I could visit it again.

The best trip

By Nada Alrashdi

I will write about the best museum I visited. Yesterday I went to the National Air and Space Museum with my school. I saw the first men who were the inventors of the plane and the first woman that flew.   The first women to fly was named Amelia. She disappeared and people did not find the woman until now. The most interesting thing was when I saw the small piece of the moon. I very much enjoyed this trip and I wish to go to this place again.

Learning about air and space

By Mashayer Ziyada

Yesterday I went to the National Air and Space Museum. It was a great place. I saw many planes and they were amazing. The museum had many showrooms. Each one of them had different models of planes and rockets.  Mr. Daive helped us see everything there.  He told us about the old planes and explained interesting things. I was very excited because I like to learn about Air and Space.  Also, I watched many films about this subject.  I will advise my friends to visit this museum and have a good time.

A great inspiration   

By Ashwaq Alomair

Yesterday we visited The Air & Space Museum. It was very exciting. I learned a lot about the aviation history. The leader spoke about many accidents and adventures that happened to some pilots. He spoke about Emily’s story, the first woman pilot. She was a great inspiration to us. I want to visit the museum again with my son because he likes the airplanes. Actually, I enjoyed this trip.

Many kinds of airplanes

By Hala Altamimi

I went to the Air and Space Museum. I saw many kinds of airplanes. Also, I learned about the history of the airplane and space. It was a wonderful place and great. I liked the idea of their airplane placed on hold in the top of the building. I like the museum it is huge.

I enjoyed it very much. It was a very good trip. I learned a lot from it. I will visit it again another time.

Missed the bus

By Alshahad Owain

Yesterday I came to the institute to enjoy the trip. On my way, while I’m walking, I saw my friends getting ready to ride the bus, so I preferred to go up and sign for the attendance first. After that I couldn’t find professor Bynum. I looked and ask for her, then Susan told me that she thought, she had left already. Professor Mcgee thought that I had problem or something, then when she knew it was about the attendance, she told me don’t worry Go! Go! Go! don’t miss the bus. I hurried up, but I couldn’t find any of my friends, I saw a girl and an old man, they ask me: Are you looking for the bus? I said: yes! They said: they already went; maybe if you will follow them they will be there. So I’m thinking while I’m walking how can I go to the metro station? I have never been there, and if I will look for the location until I will be there, they will be already gone. I called one of my friends and asked her if there is time to come. She answered: I’m sorry to say that but I don’t think you can come before we ride the metro because we are so near the museum. So I decided to go get some coffee and a piece of cake and do some of my homework. All of my family knows about the story, and some of them laughed about it. Finally, this was my story of my own trip.

I got to touch a moon rock

By Basma Alkhereiji

Yesterday we went to The National Air and Space Museum with Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute. The museum has the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world, it was interesting to know about Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, and she mysteriously disappeared while flying over the Pacific Ocean in 1937. It was fun to touch the moon rock personally. Over all, it was really fun and enjoyable to watch and to learn about history. 

Planes, and the people who made them

By Marwah Alharbi

National Air and Space Museum is the most famous museum in Washington DC. It is very interesting place. It has a lot of old planes and missiles. They are very amazing. I enjoyed looking at these planes; although, I had visited this museum before. Also, I took a lot of information about those interesting planes and missiles and the people who made them. When we walked inside the museum we felt like we were in space. The design of the museum is very amazing and the lighting is dim. Everything is cool there. I hope I can visit it again and again, and I will take my family there when they come. I am sure that they will enjoy it, especially my brothers. They will really love the planes.

Spacecraft and space clothes

By Amani Alghuraydh

Yesterday my friend and I went to The National Air and Space Museum. First, we met together at the
school at 8:30 a.m., then we walked to the metro. After that, when we arrived, there was someone who greeted and took us around the museum. At that time, we saw a lot of planes in a different types.
Also, we saw different types of spacecraft and clothes of man in space. One of the amazing things I saw was the difference in size between the Earth and the other planets. However, I enjoyed this trip, and I will visit this place with my family. In the end, I think everyone needs to know about other country’s history.

More essays

1. A few days ago, the school took us on a field trip. The field trip was to the air and space museum in Washington, DC to explore the history of aircrafts. We met the guide for our tour and his name was Patrick. After that, he took us to the wright brother's exhibit and we saw the first plane that was made by them. He explained for us how they were motivated to start a company to sell airplanes. Then, we went to the main section that contains many aircrafts and air fighters. We were amazed by the size of the planes and the history of each one. Later, he took us to the section of the rockets and the space shuttles. Although it was the third time I visit this museum, but I still enjoys it. 

— Nasser Alghamdi

2. The trip to the National Air and Space museum .
Recently, last week my classmates and I had a informative trip. We visited the famous National Air and Space museum. At the beginning of tour, the guide talked about two American Brothers (August and Wilbur Wright), who invented first successful airplane in 1903 and how they developed it. Although most of the information was not clear to me, but I am sure those guys knew what they were doing! Then the guide told about the first manned flight beyond the Earth, the first steps on the moon and the first high-speed aircraft (the North American X-15). At the end, the guide demonstrated us several space exhibits such as "Pioneer H", "Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Display", "Apollo Lunar Module" which show that the human brain is able to go far. Perhaps, it was not really funny and entertaining event, but, certainly, a great and useful trip for my culture and language development.

— Ashon Liza 

3. As student in VTC school we have to have some public tribes. These tribes are to improve our English skills and culture. They help us to speak and learn new vocabulary. Last time we went to air and space museum to learn about the military aviation history. It was one of the most educational museum in Washington D.C. I like the museum for different reason. First ally, there were a lot of information and values that I was interested to know. Secondly, the place and environment were a amazing and helping me to imagine the old military history and spaceships. There were a lot of military airplanes and samples of spaceships that helped to complete the picture as a whole. Finally, I like the trip because I was learning all the information and history in english. Also, I learned new words that could help me in the future to teach some one the military history. In short, it was interesting trip. I like everything and I would recommend it to all foreign people to improve their knowledge about the military history in America.

— Afnan Ashmawi 

4. In last week, we went to Air and Space Museum. We had interesting to see the oldest models in aircraft, and getting an information. First of all, the Museum has speakers who are explain to visitors about the Museum and the aircrafts. In the beginning our teachers separated us as groups to be under control. Then the speaker takes us to see the first airplanes in the world, and he told us about them. When we walked around the building, we saw how huge building is it, and that gave us a big impression. After that, we couldn't believe the Museum was almost empty, and without noisy when we was walking between aircrafts. And then, we got photos with oldest aircrafts before the trip done.  Finally, the trip was a wonderful with teachers and students, and that let us to wish to another trip.

— Motaz Farman

5. last week, I went to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum with my classmates and our professors. At the museum in Washington, DC, I found many visitors that involved children, adults, and many people. The museum holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world. Most of them are original vehicles. Also, I've seen many rockets. We met two guides who helped us and gave us a lot of information about the museum and the objects in it. The museum is a vital center for research in the history and science of aviation. We spent a great time in the trip and we learned a lot of things about the world of aviation.

— Alaa Hijazi

6. On Wednesday September 23rd, My classmate and I  went to a field trip to Air And Space museum. We took the metro there . when we arrived, our tour guy welcomed us to the museum. First exhibit we visited Wright Brothers, the exhibit included  the first airplane the Wright Brothers made. I was so amazed by the way they build the airplane. After that we walked and examined other exhibits in the museum. This museum is one of my favorite museums around D.C. It tells you the history of man’s first attempt to fly, till the most complicated plane with the more advanced technology in it. I learned so much from this visit, even though the tour guide’s voice was to low and I can barely hear him. Also , it was great to spend time with my classmate out of the school.

— Ahmad Felemban

7.  Last week we had a beautiful trip to Smithsonian Air and Space Museum with some students and professors. We started to move from the institute at 11:00 am. We went to the museum by the metro. Moreover, The weather was amazing; it was cloudy and good for the trip. Also, all students were excited and happy and we took many pictures together. After that, we arrived to the museum at 12:11 pm and we saw a lot of pictures, sculpture, and solid. The place was very wonderful and the walls have stunning colors. We felt that it is real when we walked through the museum. After we finished the trip, I went with my friends to have lunch. Then I back home. It was a beautiful trip and every body had a good time.

— Shatha Alamoudi

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