Thursday, March 20, 2014

A message of gratitude from Fahad Alhowaish's father

The following letter was sent to to the LCI from the father of former student Fahad Alhowaish, who died in a car crash in Saudi Arabia.
Dear Mr. Donald, All Fahad's colleagues, Instructors At Virginia Tech Language Culture Institute & American National University.

We totally appreciate every single effort you guys have made with our lost son Fahad Alhowaish. As Fahad told us how he met new supportive friends who had supported him at every single issue he had faced as well as the instructors who had instructed him to the right track which have made him pass his classes with confidence and specially reaching his goals in meeting the University acceptance requirements. Fahad used to update me with every single improvement he had reached at his career path and used make my heart reach its peak point of happiness as I had dreamed about the graduation day of my son Fahad which I had decided to attend. Moreover, I appreciate every single effort you guys have made with our lost son Fahad as he has been treated as more than a son of yours and at this time all what we can say that may Allah accept him in his paradise.

Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Donald, Miss Diana, Miss Melina, Miss Reem, Dr. Eric, Mr./Miss Ron, Miss Lenaa, Mr./Miss Ran, Mr./Miss Eddie, and All Fahad's colleagues & Instructors for their kindness in supporting us during this hard time and wish everybody a great future in nourishing their goals.

It will be highly appreciated if you could have this message posted at the Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute & American National University for All Fahad's colleagues & Instructors.

Kindly accept our sincere regards.
Adel Alhowaish Fahad's father.

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