Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Former VTLCI Humphrey Fellow Wins UNESCO Award

PANAMA CITY, Panama – On November 23, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship alumnus Arturo Cerezo, who serves as resources specialist at the Division of Natural Environment of the Panamá Canal Authority, was honored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), for having the best written work during HELP Basin Symposium 2011, held in Panama November 21- 24, 2011.

The scientific paper was described by UNESCO as a model for the region and the world, combining science and community experiences to manage integrated natural resources. Cerezo’s paper was selected from 200 submissions by scientists from 64 countries, in which he analyzes the process of reforestation with native species in Panama Canal Basin and proposes an innovative framework for the preservation of Biodiversity, erosion reduction and control of native species.

Cerezo was honored during the closing ceremony by Dr Shahbaz Khan, who is coordinator of Global Ecohydrology Program and head of the Section of Water and Sustainable Development of UNESCO, based in Paris, France.

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