Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Falls Church VTLCI Students Publish On-line Paper

"We have a planetary emergency. Addressing this challenge needs to become our mission."  This noble challenge comes from VTLCI American Media student Amira Kefi in a commentary on global warming.  Mohamed Khaled Mohamed Nafadi informs that the word Ramadan "is derived originally from the Arabic word 'Al-Ramadi' which means intense heat and thirst."  The word also refers to the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.  Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim recounts the history of the Fulbright international exchange program, which was ironically funded by proceeds from the sale of surplus war property after World War II.  And where could you find such an interesting diversity of stories and views but in VTLCI classes?

Congratulations go out to Falls Church VTLCI students and instructor, Michele Clark, for their on-line student newspaper, "The VTLCI Student Times."  Published August 9, 2011, this first edition of the Times was designed, developed and written by the American Media class. The paper contains articles on Ramadan, cultural diversity, local politics and the VTLCI.  And what better way to gain insight than to actively explore?  "A Different Side of Virginia," for example, was written by a young Saudi woman, Ghadah Alanzy, who learned more about democracy by attending a fund-raising dinner for a local politician.  More than improving their English, Ghadah and these other burgeoning journalists are undergoing a transformational experience at Virginia Tech through their immersion in American life and culture.

The VTLCI Student Times may be accessed at http://vtlcinews.wordpress.com/.  Authors are looking for feedback, and so readers are encouraged to comment on the site. 

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